Nothing is so beautiful as spring ..."  

Gerard Manley Hopkins in his poem, ‘Spring’.


Autumm 2019


Four Seasons Community Garden - Bowral

Welcome to Autumn 2020! 
Maybe you would like to try your hand at writing a little Haiku verse as the mornings and evenings cool and we watch the trees for signs of the changing season. Here is an example by Robyn Noble:
The vibrant season,
Chroma of amber and rust,
Nature’s masterpiece.
The cooler weather and the replenishing rains are so welcome after a trying summer for so many people.
⦁ Once again, a big thank you to everyone who has helped water the garden beds. A special thanks to Marcella for organising the watering roster.
⦁ A big thank you to Michael Hyland, Liz McNamara and their helpers for their work setting up a watering system.  It is not quite completed but is well on the way.
⦁ Marcella and her daughter took advantage of the plenteous silver beet in the garden to make pasties for the firefighters. Well done ladies!
⦁ Liz McNamara has taken on extra responsibility as Assistant Garden Manager. Thank you, Liz. Your experience will be very much appreciated in this new role.
⦁ Thank you, Hazel, Birte and Elaine for harvesting produce for OzHarvest who distribute to the charities that help people in need of some fresh food. Check the photos on the garden noticeboard.
⦁ On Tuesday of this week a small group of residents from Anthem House, along with their carers visited the garden. Everyone very much enjoyed roaming around the garden and having afternoon tea under the pergola. They hope to repeat this experience each week.
⦁ At the Garden Working Team meeting early in February it was decided that we should trial two Sunday working bees each month. On reflection Michael, Liz and Sharon think that some week day working bees would provide a broader choice. So, Michael and Liz will be at the garden between 3 and 6pm every second Thursday, beginning March 19. Pop along, even for an hour and lend a hand.
⦁ Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I’m sure that Liz and Michael would be happy to share their gardening wisdom with you.
⦁ Keep an eye on the task book in the plastic container. Any time that you would like to spend some time in the garden, choose a task, have fun and remember to sign and date the completed task. 
⦁ Clearly not every volunteer can attend every working bee. Choose the ones that fit your schedule best.

Autumn Calendar
Please note that the community garden will be closed until further notice due to the fact that the garden management committee wishes to abide by government restrictions aimed at minimising the impact of COVID-19 in our community.

Dear Volunteer Friends
With the impact of the current restrictions (including travel and the age of volunteers able to participate) the Community Garden will close for the winter.  
You are welcome to harvest what is currently in the garden for personal use.  
Please follow these guidelines:

please do not harvest from the 3 garden beds nearest the preschool (these below to the preschool)
only two in the garden at a time, following social distancing rule
wash with soap before harvesting (soap is located at the tap near the sign)
take only for your personal needs, not for friends and extended family, since there are a number of us to share the fruits of our labours amongst.
if you know a family in need and would be able to harvest for them please check with Michael or Sharon before doing so.

With kind regards
Sharon  Miller, on behalf of Michael Hyland
PS We look forward to better times when we can all resume our happy times in the garden.

For those of you who don’t know, Michael Hyland, our garden manager, holds a stall at the Robertson Market once a month, unless otherwise indicated, and the proceeds go towards the operating expenses for our community garden.

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